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Feb 09, 2024 pt Article
The importance of research groups for the legitimization and consolidation of Environmental Communication in Brazil

by Wilson da Costa Bueno

The research carried out with the CNPq Research Groups Directory rescued the research groups in Environmental Communication in Brazil, which were categorized based on numerous factors (date of foundation, constitution, institutional links, lines of research and profile of the group leaders , its training and production in the area). The data obtained in the investigation, of a primarily quantitative nature, highlighted the importance of these groups in the production and dissemination of qualified information, allowing us to conclude that they contribute to subsidizing the construction of public policies, as well as to the training of teachers, researchers and professionals in the environmental field.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência