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Mar 11, 2024 es Practice Insight
REMARCO network: science and communication in addressing marine-coastal stressors.

by Laura Brenes-Alfaro and Daniel Carrasco-Palma

This article presents the experience of collaborative and interdisciplinary work between scientists and communicators, in the framework of the Marine-Coastal Stressors Research Network in Latin America and the Caribbean (REMARCO), created in 2018. It reflects on the actions achieved since its creation, and the dynamics established between the scientific and communication groups. It is concluded that the collaborative work has allowed scientists to learn how to disseminate the results of their research, while communicators acquire technical knowledge on the problem of marine-coastal stressors, achieving synergies for the benefit of scientific dissemination; with improvement areas that should be solved soon.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência