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Mar 18, 2024 es Article
Environmental Journalism from a Local Perspective in Mexico: Perspectives, Needs, and Challenges

by Isaac Comonfort-Galindo and Ana Claudia Nepote

The present study mapped local media outlets in Michoacán, Mexico, prioritizing science and environmental topics. The work was conducted from February to July 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-two digital media outlets were identified that regularly address environmental and/or science approaches. A survey was conducted with communication and journalism professionals in Michoacán to understand perspectives on specialized journalism in the region. Addressing the challenges requires the reactivation of collaboration networks and medium- to long-term financing strategies to allow for the consolidation of existing initiatives.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência