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May 06, 2024 pt Article
Brazilian climate crisis researchers and their understanding of the communication processes with society

by Vanessa de Cássia Witzki Colatusso and Myrian Regina Del Vecchio-Lima

In this article, we address the interdisciplinary problem of climate
change, with emphasis on the interface between Science, Environment and
Communication. We understand that climate crisis researchers are important
to making their studies understandable to society and conveying information
about the urgency of the issue. In 2021, we interviewed 15 researchers to
understand how they perceive themselves as disseminators of their knowledge and
understand communication actions to cope with the situation. The
interpretative analysis was operationalized by thematic categories. The
results point to a lack of scientific dissemination practices by researchers,
who prefers to be mediated by communication professionals.The results also point to an instrumental understanding of the communication processes.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência