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Nov 27, 2023 pt Practice Insight
Bodies and voices of scientific articles: mediations of communication and culture in the scientific dissemination content of the journal Reciis

by Roberto Abib and Clara Marques de Sousa

This work analyzes the communication processes of the contents of scientific dissemination of the project ‘Articles and authors in the media and social media: for innovative and accessible scientific dissemination of Reciis’. The study is based on the assumption that scientific dissemination is a way
of knowledge produced in the mediations of scientific culture. Break up of praxis as a theoretical-methodological contribution in order to highlight the effects discursive aspects of the materials. We propose that such practices mediated with the presence (bodies and voices) of Reciis authors in the media present innovative ways of communicating science.

Volume 6 • Issue 02 • 2023