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Jun 17, 2024 pt Article
Public communication in the context of disinfodemic and political crisis: Fiocruz ‘in the eye of the hurricane'

by Cristiane d'Avila and Adriana Cavalcanti de Aguiar

We question, from the perspective of public communication, how the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil) responded to COVID-19. The question, asked to communication professionals at the institution two years after the start of the pandemic, sought to identify challenges and elements of institutional learning and understand the possibilities and limits of communication in the context of disinfodemic and political crisis. Qualitative research of an exploratory nature carried out through semi-structured interviews and, alternatively, the use of documentary sources indicates that Fiocruz recognizes public communication (science and health) as a process under construction and a strategic and structuring factor for the full implementation of its Communication Policy.

Volume 7 • Issue 02 • 2024