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Dec 05, 2022 en Article
Politics, economy and society in the coverage of COVID-19 by elite newspapers in US, UK, China and Brazil: a text mining approach

by Luiz Felipe Fernandes Neves and Luisa Massarani

We analyzed 95,970 stories on COVID-19 published in 2020 by newspapers in US, UK, China and Brazil — countries marked by controversial management of the crisis. Through a text mining approach, we identified main topics, subjects, actors and the level of attention. The coverage was politicized in “The New York Times” and “Folha de S. Paulo”; focused on health aspects in “The Guardian”; and emphasized the economic situation in “China Daily”. In this sense, the pandemic has motivated a deeper approach to the multiple dimensions of science and health, pointing to a broader perspective of science communication.

Volume 21 • Issue 07 • 2022

Nov 21, 2022 pt Article
Da notícia institucional à divulgação científica: a trajetória do Jornal UFG em 16 anos de existência

by Luiz Felipe Fernandes Neves, Kharen Stecca and Silvana Coleta Santos Pereira

Neste artigo, realizamos um estudo de caso do Jornal UFG — veículo de comunicação da Universidade Federal de Goiás –, por meio da análise de seis edições publicadas entre 2006 e 2022. O objetivo foi compreender o jornal enquanto instrumento de comunicação organizacional, tendo em vista as especificidades de seu lócus de produção e a necessidade de articular demandas institucionais aos princípios da comunicação pública e da divulgação científica. Verificou-se que, embora o Jornal UFG sempre tenha se colocado como um veículo de divulgação científica, sua trajetória foi marcada pela busca de um equilíbrio entre o conteúdo institucional e o científico.

Volume 5 • Issue 02 • 2022

Dec 06, 2021 en Article
Perceptions of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the work of science journalists: global perspectives

by Luisa Massarani, Luiz Felipe Fernandes Neves, Marta Entradas, Tim Lougheed and Martin W. Bauer

The article presents the results of a survey of science journalists from six world regions about their work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The responses show perception of increasing workload for most participants. Local scientists and peer-reviewed articles are the main sources. According to the respondents, scientists have become more available during the pandemic. The use of preprint articles was a frequent practice, but a considerable proportion declared they did not adopt different procedures when reporting them. Most also said they take fake news into account when writing their stories.

Volume 20 • Issue 07 • 2021