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May 30, 2023 pt Article
Organisational communication in public universities: the challenges of communicating science in a media-focused society

by Pedro Farnese

This article proposes a conceptual structure to reflect the media-focused society and its intricacies in the organizational communication strategies undertaken by public universities for the dissemination of science and the fight against misinformation. We built a theoretical approach around the articles published in the proceedings of the last five editions of the Brazilian Congress of Communication Sciences (2018 to 2022), specifically in the research group Communication, Scientific Dissemination, Health and Environment. The results demonstrate the need to broaden the discussion on dissemination of the scientific process, converging in interconnected and transdisciplinary directions that include perspectives on the impact of new technologies, democratization of knowledge, and representation of these teaching and research institutions in the social context.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2023