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Apr 29, 2024 pt Article
Child participation in science communication about biodiversity

by Marcelo Kei Sato and Alessandra F. Bizerra

This study examines the regulations and modes of child participation in the co-production of radio and audiovisual media within the framework of a conservation project for the Vinaceous-breasted Amazon parrot, involving various local stakeholders. Drawing upon Cultural Studies and with a focus on participatory actions, audiovisual records of co-creation activities and their outputs were analyzed. Four main modes of child participation emerged: (1) contextualized, (2) symbolic, (3) technical-aesthetic, and (4) identity-related. This research represents a significant, albeit initial, step in systematizing a dialogue among the fields of participatory science communication research and practice, childhood studies, and biodiversity conservation.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência

Aug 02, 2023 pt Article
Biodiversity conservation in zoo and aquarium signs

by Alessandra Bizerra, Bianca Hipólito de Oliveira, Rafael Vitame Kauano, Bruno Rafael Santos de Cerqueira, Iara Grotz Moreira de Vasconcellos, Marcelo Kei Sato, Ana Luiza Cerqueira das Neves and Carolina Ansaldi

Faced with the environmental crisis, zoos and aquariums assume themselves as central to the conservation of biodiversity. On the other hand, fierce criticism is directed towards these institutions, especially those coming from movements supporting animal welfare. Thus, an attempt is made to investigate the meanings related to the conservation of biodiversity expressed by these institutions in their communication resources. A clipping of a broader research is presented, with the analysis of the discourse displayed on plaques of four institutions, two Brazilian and two international.
It is possible to observe a variety of meanings about biodiversity conservation, encompassing its ontological, epistemological and axiological dimensions.

Volume 6 • Issue 02 • 2023