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Mar 18, 2024 es Article
Environmental Journalism from a Local Perspective in Mexico: Perspectives, Needs, and Challenges

by Isaac Comonfort-Galindo and Ana Claudia Nepote

The present study mapped local media outlets in Michoacán, Mexico, prioritizing science and environmental topics. The work was conducted from February to July 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Twenty-two digital media outlets were identified that regularly address environmental and/or science approaches. A survey was conducted with communication and journalism professionals in Michoacán to understand perspectives on specialized journalism in the region. Addressing the challenges requires the reactivation of collaboration networks and medium- to long-term financing strategies to allow for the consolidation of existing initiatives.

Volume 7 • Issue 01 • 2024 • Medioambiente y divulgación de la ciencia / Meio ambiente e divulgação da ciência

Nov 27, 2023 pt Practice Insight
Bodies and voices of scientific articles: mediations of communication and culture in the scientific dissemination content of the journal Reciis

by Roberto Abib and Clara Marques de Sousa

This work analyzes the communication processes of the contents of scientific dissemination of the project ‘Articles and authors in the media and social media: for innovative and accessible scientific dissemination of Reciis’. The study is based on the assumption that scientific dissemination is a way
of knowledge produced in the mediations of scientific culture. Break up of praxis as a theoretical-methodological contribution in order to highlight the effects discursive aspects of the materials. We propose that such practices mediated with the presence (bodies and voices) of Reciis authors in the media present innovative ways of communicating science.

Volume 6 • Issue 02 • 2023

Oct 30, 2023 es Article
Products of public communication of science and technology: the case of the National University of Misiones

by María Itatí Rodríguez

This paper shares advances of an ongoing research that investigates the meanings in relation to the communication of science and technology (CPCyT) by researchers at the National University of Misiones. We are interested in reflecting on the central role of social communication in the production and communication of scientific and technological knowledge. Our study investigates the formats and media used by researchers to communicate the results of their productions. In this article, we will focus on identifying, describing and analysing proposed CPCyT products in projects at the mentioned University during 2018-2020.

Volume 6 • Issue 02 • 2023

Oct 09, 2023 pt Article
Alzheimer's disease in science blogs: the case of the Science Media Ring

by Alberto Henrique Melo, Fernanda Azevedo Veneu and Marcelo Borges Rocha

We investigated main points about Alzheimer's disease in Brazilian science blogs. Main subjects were explanations about the disease, besides fighting and preventing it. More scientific communication activities on the subject are recommended.

Volume 6 • Issue 02 • 2023

May 30, 2023 es Article
Analysis of the social network TikTok as a means of scientific dissemination to fight misinformation. Case study: Andean Community

by Sofía Cabrera-Espín, Ana Cecilia Vaca-Tapia and Nicolle Mendoza

During the COVID19 pandemic, social networks became the main source of information and misinformation. In these spaces, image and immediacy prevailed when sharing information. Tiktok appears as an emerging social network with its own performance that promotes entertainment through rapidly making audiovisual content viral. This research studies TikTok as a means of scientific dissemination, analysing the audiovisual resources used and the content published to identify their impact on the social network's niche audiences.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2023

May 30, 2023 pt Article
Science in the media: a proposal for information classification based on the case study of "Folha" and "NYT" in the first year of the pandemic

by Mariana Hafiz, Sabine Righetti, Estêvão Gamba, Fernanda Quaglio de Andrade and Natália Flores

The press plays a key role in the media communication of the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on this premise, this study has analyzed a sample of texts on Covid-19 published in "Folha de S.Paulo" and "The New York Times" in the first half of the pandemic in order to categorize the information published in six groups. We found that one in ten contents dealt with "Science and new researches", the same proportion of content covering "Political crisis”. The results show that reporting on science and on crises in the Brazilian and U.S. managements of the pandemic (including misinformation coming from authorities) may have received equal attention from the press.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2023

May 30, 2023 pt Article
Discourse on Covid-19 vaccines in Brazil: an analysis in a context of epistemic crisis in the journalistic and scientific fields

by Claudine Freiberger Friedrich

In this research, we analyze the meaning of science discourse in the podcast Café da Manhã during the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil, in a context of epistemic crisis in the journalistic and scientific fields. By applying French Discourse Analysis in episodes that dealt with vaccines, we identified three main discourse units: the government was negligent and negligent; vaccination is governed by the market economy; the benefits of vaccines outweigh their risks. From these nuclei of meaning, we observe the influence of the sociopolitical climate permeated by misinformation and denial in the contruction of journalistic discourse about the techno-scientific discoveries during the pandemic.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2023

May 30, 2023 pt Essay
Vaccine misinformation on digital platforms: a symbiotic movement around profitability

by Ana Regina Rêgo and Ranielle Leal

This essay addresses tensions arising from the encounter between the new forms of neoliberal capitalism in life on digital platforms and the communication market that deals with scientific misinformation. To this end, we present statistical data on misinformation about vaccines, as well as theoretical approaches concerning the platforms' negotiating possibilities. On the one hand, optimists who see in the big techs connective business models, on the other, thinkers who consider the platforms as new spaces of exploitation and human colonization, where misinformation presents itself as a strategy to attract users' attention.

Volume 6 • Issue 01 • 2023

Nov 21, 2022 es Article
Las voces que hablan en el periodismo científico: tipo de fuentes y temáticas que se presentan en la prensa escrita chilena

by Juan-Ignacio Martin-Neira

La presente investigación da cuenta cómo la prensa escrita chilena ha publicado noticias asociadas a la ciencia y tecnología en los últimos años, analizando las fuentes que se usan y las temáticas que se plantean, haciendo un paralelo de lo que se informaba pre y post pandemia. Los resultados reflejan que hubo una disminución de noticias científicas entre los meses de enero del 2020 y enero del 2021, y que, además, el coronavirus se tomó las pautas informativas de los principales diarios de Chile.

Volume 5 • Issue 02 • 2022

Nov 21, 2022 pt Article
O fenômeno da “selfie” no Museu Oscar Niemeyer: um olhar sobre a instituição, os visitantes e os artistas expositores

by Luiza Moura Schnitzler and Claudia Irene de Quadros

Este artigo tem como objetivo promover debates sobre a presença do fenômeno da selfie no museu a partir do olhar da comunicação institucional, dos públicos e de artistas expositores. Para isso, investigou-se o Museu Oscar Niemeyer localizado na cidade de Curitiba-PR/Brasil. Diferentes métodos e técnicas foram adotados nesta pesquisa: uma netnografia, um survey e entrevistas semiestruturadas. Com base nos resultados, é possível afirmar que o museu investigado utiliza a selfie como estratégia de comunicação em suas plataformas de redes sociais digitais, assim como seus visitantes possuem uma prática semanal com o fenômeno e muitos artistas têm pensado na selfie durante o desenvolvimento de trabalhos artísticos.

Volume 5 • Issue 02 • 2022